The Botanical Collection

Now that my website is live and I can finally share all of my designs with you I thought I would introduce each collection and share the stories behind them in a series of blog posts.

I’ll begin with my most popular pieces and the ones closest to my heart; The Botanical Collection.

The Botanical Collection stems from (pun totally intended) my long term love of all things floral; there’s just something truly special and fascinating about flowers. Not only do they bring colour, texture and scent to our lives and homes, but they also evoke special memories, feelings and connections too.

My fascination began early on in my childhood. I’d pluck rose petals from the neighbour’s gardens, stewing them in water for days to make “perfume”. I’d harvest handfuls of buttercups and daisies from the lawn and proudly present them to my dear late Nana as miniature bouquets. Much to my delight, she’d pop them in a tiny glass by the kitchen sink. And so now, whenever I see daisies and buttercups sprouting amongst the grass I remember those happy times with her. I’m sure many of you will relate and have special connections with flowers of your own.

Over the years I’ve quite naturally dabbled with floral themes but there’s nothing quite like the real thing is there? And so I set about designing real wearable florals.

I began experimenting with dried flowers and resin and gradually moved on to pressed flowers. Forget me nots caught my eye with their simple shape, delicate colouring and sentimental name. And from there, things just sort of bloomed (no more puns I promise!).

As with all my designs, I aim to create high quality yet affordable pieces that will be loved and worn for years to come. So I chose sterling silver, rose gold filled and 14k gold filled metals for longevity. The dainty, simple shapes and clear resin allow the flowers to take centre stage.

You can learn more about the materials I use in my work by heading over to my material guide. There you can learn more about the metals I use including gold filled which is my personal favourite.

Following on from my forget me not pendants, I have also recently introduced Queen Anne’s Lace in white as well as colourful confetti colours. I have also made bespoke pieces using flowers and petals sent to me by customers. If you would like to discuss a commission using special flowers/petals of your own then please feel welcome to get in touch.

I hope you love the collection as much as I do!

Helen xx

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