About Us

Hello and welcome to Velvet Design Co!

Our little British jewellery brand is run entirely from our home studio by husband and wife team Andrew & Helen.

Our brand ethos is to create beautiful, high quality jewellery at attainable prices whilst remaining kind to our planet , animal pals and fellow humans.

We love creating meaningful pieces that our customers can really connect with and treasure for years to come. And we firmly believe that great service with a personal touch is an absolute must.

Helen designs and makes every piece you see here on our website from our home workshop. She also grows and presses our flowers, styles and photographs our collections, runs our social media pages and takes care of customer queries – phew!

Andrew looks after all the techie stuff and together we both pitch in when it comes to design and branding and most importantly packing and posting your orders. Andrew also makes an excellent cup of tea, just saying!

We’re very conscious of our environmental impact so we are continually assessing our processes and packaging to ensure we’re doing the best we can for our beautiful planet.

We also love our animal friends so all of our pieces are vegan friendly. We do not use leather, fur, feathers, silk, shells, natural pearls or any other animal derived items in our work .

Currently our pieces are available only online. However we do attend a small selection of events around the UK where you can shop our collections in person. Please follow our Instagram account @VelvetDesignCo to stay informed of all happenings including events, new designs and all other news.

Thank you for supporting our little business, it means the world to us!

Helen & Andrew xx