Jewellery Care

To keep your jewellery looking it’s best please read through the care guide below:

  • Avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics, hair products and skin care products.
  • Remove jewellery before bathing, showering, swimming or washing.
  • When dressing add jewellery last to avoid snagging/breakage.
  • At the end of the day remove jewellery first before undressing to avoid snagging/breakage.
  • When not in use, store your jewellery carefully to avoid damage, discolouration and tangled chains.
  • Buff the resin gently with a soft dry cloth to clean. Spectacle lens cleaner is also helpful to remove smudges.
  • Always keep your jewellery dry. This is super important. Water can seep under the resin causing the metal inside to darken or discolour. This will spoil your jewellery as it cannot be cleaned out.
  • We also advise limiting UV exposure to preserve the colour of your flowers for longer. Do not store or leave your jewellery in direct sunlight as this will speed up the fading process.
  • Pressed flowers will maintain their natural colours for some years if cared for correctly. But like many organic materials, they will lose some colour over time, this is entirely natural and cannot be totally prevented.
  • Our chains are of a high quality but please remember that they are not indestructible. Take care not to catch or pull them and handle gently to avoid breakages.
  • If you like to layer your necklaces (and we do!) take care during wear and removal to avoid tangling or breaking the chains.
  • Do not use tools to grip clasps and fastenings as this can cause damage and crushing.
  • Acids in skin, sweat & cosmetic products can cause oxidisation of metals inc brass, silver & gold: This reaction is completely normal and harmless but could leave a darkened or greenish mark on your skin or clothes. You can reduce the likelihood of this occurrence by following the instructions detailed here.
  • Oxidisation and tarnishing is completely normal and will occur on most metals. You can buff the metal back to a shine with a silver or gold cloth. It is important to do this regularly rather than leaving tarnishing to become worse over time as it will then be much harder to clean.
  • We often use crystals and natural gemstones in our designs. Again, please remember that they are not indestructible and can be damaged or cracked if not handled carefully. Opals especially, like all our jewellery should be kept dry.
  • Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damage or breakages caused by accidents and improper care. This includes scratches, dents, broken chains, lost earring backs and any attempts to make alterations.
  • We want you to love and enjoy your jewellery for years to come so if you do have a little accident, please contact us as we aim to offer repairs at very fair prices.
  • If you lose or damage a stone, again we will aim to repair or replace at a fair price where possible. As natural gemstones are completely unique, the replacement stone is likely to be a little different.